What's Happening

Pen Blade LLC is my personal site for sharing what matters to me or whatever tangent I'm on today. Coding, gaming, writing. Don't expect anything consistent here as I primarily use this site to test whatever technology happens to grace my fancy. I'll add links to some articles later.

Current goals: Create an ASP.NET Core WebApi 2 to manage requests for page contents.

Developer Tips

I've been writing up developer tips with code samples to help remind myself as I go senile, I mean enthrall and educate all of the aspiring full stack developers who visit my github repo https://github.com/penblade. Many of these also turn into articles where I guest blog. Insert segue...

Guest Blogger

I've been guest blogging for my good friend Jonathan Danylko on https://www.danylkoweb.com/. Check out his site, there's great content there and don't forget to subscribe to his newsletter.

Stir Trek 2018 - by Andrew Hinkle

Another great Stir Trek convention has left my mind reeling and exhausted.

Just the way I like it.

Of course nothing beats the experience of being at the convention on site, but you can't be any multiple sessions at once unless you're Dr. Strange.

Thankfully the coordinators of the conference have provided a treat by posting all of these great sessions on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/stirtrek.

Give them a week or two to upload all the sessions, though I see a few up already.

Stir Trek 2017 - by Andrew Hinkle

Stir Trek is a great conference for introducing developers to the latest trends, standards, and especially for addressing pain points. The icing on the cake is to watch the currently trending Sci-Fi blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Seriously, we come for the sessions... I am Groot!

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