Sometimes I manage to create a few coding examples I feel worth sharing with others. Maybe you'll find them helpful, maybe not. If you have any suggestions to improve or better explain the coding examples, please send your comments through the contact us page. Thanks!


  • Top 10 books every .NET developer should own - This is a great list of books. I've personally read and recommend reading the following three books on that list in the following order.
  • AngularJS - Easy to use Javascript framework for databinding and web service calls for dynamic web sites.
  • Bootstrap - This site uses Bootstrap CSS to standardize the page layout for easier maintenance.
  • DanylkoWeb - My good friend and colleague Jonathan Danylko provides excellent advice and reviews. He provided the guidance I needed to increase my skill level tremendously in a short amount of time in all aspects of web development. Refactoring, design patterns, ASP.NET, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, etc. are just a few of the hidden gems you'll find on his site. Interested, check it out now. Don't worry I'll still be here.
  • Pen Blade LLC GitHub - I've create a GitHub repository for my Example Wcf Service. Depending on how well received it is, I may add more examples later.
  • jQuery - jQuery is very useful for accessing elements by id and class quickly and ajax is a great tool.
  • LINQPad - a nice tool for testing LINQ without having to debug through code. Works great with the AdventureWorks test database.
  • SoapUI I test my Wcf web services with this tool. I especially like how easily it creates test suites with test cases. These test cases were invaluable for determining the proper Soap Xml required for the Ajax calls that submitted Xml
  • Stack Overflow - When I need to research a solution I use Google for my search and immediately choose the first Stack Overflow link.
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